Contemporary and Ancient Muslim Scholars


Interpretation and Background of Verses from the Qur'an: 

1. Commentary of al-Baydawi, The Lights of Revelation, Dar Al Geel (The Generation) 

2. Brief Commentary of Al Emam Al Tabarie, Dar Al Shorok (Sunrise)

3. Commentary of Al Galaleen, Al Azhar, supervision 1983

4. Commentary of Al Zama Khsharie, 4 volumes Al Kasshaf, Dar (The Arabic Book)

5. The Right in Qur'an's Science (Al Itkan) Al Seiewtie, Dar Al Torth (The Tradition) Abo-Al-Fadl

6. The Reasons of the Verses of the Qur'an (Asbab Al-Nuzul) Al Seiewtie, Nosair Library, Azhar scholars, supervision

7. Al Sahih Al Mosnad (The Reasons of Qur'anic Verses) Dar Al Arkam

8. Al Wahedy (The Reasons of Qur'anic Verses) including the Abrogator and the Abrogated verses concerning the law of Islam (Sharia)

9. The Bill of Legal Punishments, Azhar scholars

10. Ibn Taymiyya (36 volumes) Al Fatawy, Saudi Arabian scholars

11. The Ordinances (Akham) of the Qur'an, The Imam, Al-Shafi'i, Dar (The Scientific Books in 2 volumes)

12. The Sweetest (2 volumes) (Al Mohalla) Ibn Hazm (dozens of volumes), corrected version, Beirut, Lebanon

13. Zad-Al-Maad, Ibn Qayyim-al-Jawziyya, Library of 'Manara al-Isalmiyya 1984 and the 5th volume 1981, 2nd version

14. The Spirit of Islamic Religion - Afify Abdel Fatah, review Azhar scholars

15. The History of Islamic Legislation (shariaa) Dr. Ahmad Shalabi, 2nd version

16. Islamic Nation State - Taky Al Dean Akl Banahani, The Liberty Part, Al Kods (Israel)

17. The Main Issues (Kadaya) in Islam, Abdel Al Motal Al Seidi-Al Azhar University

18. The Shita and the Correction, Dr. Mosa Al Mosawy, 1978

19. The Opinions (Al Fatawy) 1-10, Mohamad Mutwaly Al Sharawy (Egypt)

20. You Ask and Islam Answers - Al Sharawy, Dar Al Muslim, 1982

21. Islam - A Dogma and A Law (Sharia) Al Imam Muhamad Shaltout (12 versions)

22. Islam in the Face of Modern Challenges, Abu al-ala al Mawdudi, 1983, 5th version)

23. The Rights of Non-Muslims in the Islamic State, Al Mawdudi

24. You Ask and Islam Answers, Abdul latif Mushtahari

25. Women of Paradise (1) Muhamad Ali Abul Alabbas, 1987, Qur'an's Library

26. The Revival of Religion's Science, Al Ghazali, Dar (The Knowledge) for printing and publishing, Beirut 


Concerning the History of Islam/the Biography of Muhammad, His Disciples, His Relatives and Wives:

27. The Biography of the Apostle, Ibn Hisham, Dar Al Tawfikie Al Azhar 

28. The Biography of Myhammad and the Wars (Maghazy) Ibn Isaac, Dr. Sohaul Zakkar, Dar Al Fekr

29. Al Rod Al Anf, Al Sohaily, Dar Al Fekr, 1971 30. The Biography of Muhammad, Al Halabbya, Dar (The Knowledge), Beirut

31. The History by Tabari, Dar (The Scientific Books), Beirut

32. The Biography of the Prophet, Ibn Kathir, Dar Al Knowledge, Beirut

33. The Beginning and the End, Ibn Kathir, Library of Maaref, Beirut

34. The Perfect in History, Ibn Al Athir, 1967, Dar Al Arabic Book

35. The History by Ibn Khaldon, Al Aaelmy, Beirut, 1971

36. The History of the Kholafa (Successor of Muhammad) Al Sweitie

37. The Prophetic Biography (Gawameh) Ibn Ham, Mecca Mokarrama

38. Al Gameh Kerawany, Islamic Tradition -17

39. The Light of Certainty "Nur Al Yaqin" Al Khodary, 24th version

40. The Life of Muhammad, Muhammad Husayn Haykal, Dar Al-Maaref, 17th version

41. Jurisprudence of Muhammad's Biography, Dr. Buti, Al Azhar, 7th version

42. Al Isaba (Life History of Muhammad's Friend) Ibn Hagar, Dar, The Arabid Book, Beirut

43. The Lion of the Forest (Asad Al Ghaba) Ibn Al Athir, Dar Al Shaab (People)

44. The History of the Arabic Nation, Dr. Abdul Fattah Shehata, Al Azhar, 1972

45. The Successor of the Prophet, Khalid Muhammad Khalid, Dar thabet. 1986

46. The Guided Caliphs, Dr. Abu Zeid Shalaby, Al Azhar, 1967

47. The Jurisprudence of Muhammad's Friends, Ibn Abbas, Abdel Aziz Al Shennawy, 1989

48. Explanation of Nahg Al Balagha, Ibn Al Hadid

49. Muhammad's Wives, Aisha Abdul Rahman

50. Muhammad's Daughters, Aisha Abdul Rahman, Dar The Arabic Book, Beirut (Bent Al Shati)

51. Ali and His Enemies, Dr. Nory Gafar, 1982, Beirut

52. Ali and His Sons, Taha Husain

53. The Big Division, Taha Husain

54. The Two Elders, Taha Husain

55. About the Biography of Muhammad, Taha Husain

56.. The Roots of Divisions in Islamic Parties, Hason Sadek, Madboly Library

57. Before the Fall, 1985, Dr. Farag Fouda 

58. The Ignored (Neglected) Fact, 1986, Dr. Farag Fouda (NOTE: Dr. Fouda was killed by fanatic Muslims in 1992)

59. Three Books About Muhammad's Successors, Abu Bakr Omar and Ali, (Abbas Mahmoud Al Akkad).

 (NOTE: Dr. Fouda, Taha and Al Akkad are not Muslim scholars, of course, but they depend totally upon all ancient Muslim scholars with accuracy and complete honesty and no Muslim scholar can object to that)

 The Sayings of Muhammad (Sunnah) (NOTE: these are the most popular and important books among all Muslims.)

60. Sahih Bukhari

61. Sahih Muslim - Mawawy

62. Riyad As-Salihin

63. Hadith Qudsi

In addition to these reference books, many Muslim magazines, newspaper and pamphlets were used.