Ever so often we find a Muslim arguing about the obscene or erotic language of the Bible and that this cannot possibly be in the true word of God.

I liked this response on the newsgroup by some anonymous poster:

Subject:      Re: Bible... word of God???
From:         "Aliya" 
Date:         1997/10/11
Message-Id:   <01bcd5fb$b1eae480$747da3ce@t>
Newsgroups:   alt.religion.islam

I have seen this accusation before, about the Song of Solomon being
considered obscene or too explicit and so on. I am curious why people would
think so. 

To me it seems clear that the two people in the Song are married people,
very much in love with each other, so they are expressing their delight and
their passion for each other. Surely this cannot be obscene, unless one
thinks that all sex is bad, even between married people. On the contrary,
it seems that even Muhammad (pbuh) taught that marriage and marital
relations are a blessing and a good thing. 

In modern times, here in the West, it sometimes seems that society says all
sex is allowed and exciting, EXCEPT that between two married people! So
something like the Song of Solomon, where two married people are clearly
loving and desiring each other, is rather refreshing. Perhaps we are given
the Song to remind us of the blessings of marriage, and to remind us to
keep the joy and passion IN our marriage, and not to seek it elsewhere.

Does the Bible use language not fitting for God?

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