The Muzaynah[1] had an idol called Nuhm[2]. They used to name their children 'Abd-Nuhm, after it. The custodian of Nuhm was called Khuza'i ibn-'Abd-Nuhm of the Muzaynah, and more specifically of the banu-'Ida[3]. When he heard of the Prophet, he sped to the spot, destroyed the idol, and said:

"I went to Nuhm in order to offer unto it
A sacrifice of devotion, as I was wont to do.
But on second thought I said to myself,
'this is but a mute god, dumb and void of wit,'
And refused to sacrifice; from this day my faith is that of Muhammad,
[Servant of] the great God of Heaven, the Excellent [Lord]."

He then followed the Prophet, embraced Islam, and guaranteed to him the conversion of his tribe, the Muzaynah. Of Nuhm, too, Umayyah ibn-al-Askar[4] says:




"When thou meetest two black shepherds with their sheep,
Solemnly swearing by Nuhm,
With shreds of flesh between them divided,
Go thy way; let not thy gluttony prevail."


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