The Malik[1] and the Milkan[2], the two sons of Kinanah[3], had at the coast of Juddah[4] [or somewhere] in that region[5], an idol called Sa'd[6]. It was a long rock. Once upon a time a certain man [belonging to one of these tribes][7] came to it with his flock of camels in order to make them stand on it and thereby obtain its blessing. But as he led them near the rock they shied away from it because it was covered with blood, and they scattered in every direction. Thereupon the man became furious, and picked up a stone and threw it at the rock saying, "Accursed god! Thou hast caused my camels to shy." He then went after them until he gathered them, and returned home saying:

"We came to Sa'd in hope he would unite our ranks,
But he broke them up. We will have none of him.
Is he not but a rock in a barren land,
Deaf to both evil and to good?"




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