Chapter I.

The Long Route--Pharaoh Pursues the Hebrews--The Sea Divided--The Passage through the Red Sea--The Destruction of the Egyptians--The Song at the Sea--The Awful Desert--The Heavenly Food--The Gathering of the Manna--Miriam' s Well--Aniaiek's War against Israel--Amalek Defeated--Jethro.

Chapter II.

Installation of Elders--Jethro Rewarded--The Time is at Hand--The Gentiles Refuse the Torah--The Contest of the Mountains--The Torah Offered to Israel--Israel Prepares for the Revelation--The Revelation on Mount Sinai--The First Commandment--The Other Commandments Revealed on Sinai--The Unity of the Ten Commandments--Moses Chosen as Intermediator--Moses and the Angels Strive for the Torah--Moses Receives the Torah--The Golden Calf--Moses Blamed for Israel's Sin--The Punishment of the Sinners--Moses Intercedes for the People--The Inscrutable Ways of the Lord--The Thirteen Attributes of God--The Second Tables--The Census of the People--The Erection of the Tabernacle Commanded.

Chapter III.

The Materials for the Construction of theTabernacle--Bezalel--The Ark with the Cherubim--The Table and the Candlestick--The Altar--The Symbolical Significance of the Tabernacle--The Priestly Robes--The Stones in the Breastplate--The Completion of the Tabernacle--The Setting up of the Tabernacle--The Consecration of the Priests--The Day of the Ten Crowns--The Interrupted Joy--The Gifts of the Princes--The Revelations in theTabernacle--The Cleansing of the Camp--The Lighting of the Candlestick.

Chapter IV.

The Twelve Princes of the Tribes--The Census of the Levites--The Four Divisions of the Levites--The Four Standards--Thc Camp--The Blasphemer and the Sabbath-breaker--The Ungrateful Multitude--The Flesh-pots of Egypt--The Appointment of the Seventy Elders--Eldad and Medad--The Quails--Aaron and Miriam Slander Moses--Miriam's Punishment--The Sending of the Spies--Significant Names--The Spies in Palestine--The Slanderous Report--The Night of Tears--Ingratitude Punished--The Years of Disfavor.

Chapter V.

The Rebellion of Korah--Korah Abuses Moses and the Torah--Moses Pleads in Vain with Korah--Korah and His Horde Punished--On and the Three Sons of Korah Saved--Israel Convinced of Aaron's Priesthood--The Waters of Meribah--Moses' Anger Causes His Doom--Edom's Unbrotherly Attitude toward Israel--The Three Shepherds--Preparing Aaron for Impending Death--Aaron's Death--The General Mourning for Aaron--The False Friends--The Brazen Serpent--At Arnon--Sihon, the King of the Amorites--The Giant Og--Moses' Speech of Admonition--Balak, King of Moab.

Chapter VI.

Balaam, the Heathen Prophet--Balak's Messengers to Bahaam--Balaam Accepts Balak's Invitation--Baiaam's Ass--Balaam Runs into His Own Destruction--Balaam with Balak Balaam's Sacrifices Refused--Balaam Extols Israel--Balaam's Hopes Disappointed--Curses Turned into Blessings--Balaam's Wicked Counsel--Phinehas, Zealous for God--Twelve Miracles--Phinehas Rewarded--The Daughters of Zelophmehad The appointment of Joshua--Moses' Legacy to Joshua--Moses' last campaign--The Complete Annihilation of Midian--The Gruesome End of Balaam--The Victorious Return from the War--Wealth that Bringeth Destruction--Moses' Death Irrevocably Doomed--Moses Prayer for Suspension of Judgment--God Tries to Comfort Moses Concerning His Death--The Intercessions for Moses--Moses Serves Joshua.

Chapter VII.

The Last Day of Moses' Life--Moses Beholds the Future--Moses Meets the Messiah in Heaven--The Last Hours of Moses The Blessing of Moses--Moses Prays for Death--Samuel Chastised by Moses--God Kisses Moses' Soul--The Mourning for Moses--Samuel's Vain Search--Moses Excels All Pious Men.

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