216 The CORÂN



THE quotations of the Corân are ended. A few remarks are subjoined for the consideration of the earnest and honest Mahometan who studies the Corân as all true Mahometans are bound to do, with diligence and prayer to God:—

سورة المزمل * قم الليل إلا قليلا * نصفه أو أنقص منه قليلاً * أو زد عليه ورتل القران ترتيلاً‮ ..
إن ناشئة الليل هي أشد وطأً وأقوم قيلا * الخ

سورة الفتح * تراهم ركعا سجداً يبتغون فضلاً من الله ورضوانا سيما هم في وجوههم من أثر السجود ذلك مثلهم في التوراة ومثلهم في الأنجيل * الخ

سورة الأعراف * واذا قري القران فاستمعوا له وأنصتوا لعلكم ترحمون * وأذكر ربك في نفسك تضرعاً وخيفة ودون الجهر من القول بالغدو والآصال ولا تكن من الغافلين


Arise during the night, excepting a small portion thereof;—A half of it:—or diminish therefrom a little,
Or increase thereupon. And recite the Corân with well-measured recitation.
Verily the hours of the early night are the best for earnest devotion, and distinct utterance.—SURA LXXIII.[v. 2-6]

Thou mayest see them (the Moslems), bowing down, prostrating themselves, seeking the favour of God and His pleasure. Their signs are in their faces from the marks of their prostration. This is the likeness of them in the Tourât, and the likeness of them in the Gospel.—SURA XLVIII., v. 29.

And when the Corân is read, listen thereunto and keep silence, that ye may obtain mercy. And meditate on thy Lord in thine own soul with humility and awe, and without loudness of speech, in the morning and at eve; and be not amongst the careless.—SURA VII., 203, 204.[204-205]

For earnest and devout Mahometans of this description, the following observations are meant. I solicit that they may be read with candour, with seriousness, and with prayer.


It has been the compiler's object in making this collection, not to search for passages favourable to the Jewish and Christian Scriptures, but simply to bring together all the verses that were found in the Corân to contain any mention whatever of those Scriptures, or any allusion to them. With this view, the writer has carefully gone over the whole Corân repeatedly, and noted down every passage of the