MAULAVI MUHAMMAD 'ALI, M.A., in a recent work, ‘The Divine Origin of the Holy Qur'an' and Imam Fakhru'l-Islsam in his book entitled have criticized the Rev. W. St. Clair Tisdall's well-known book, 'The Sources of Islam' 'A Word to the Wise' is a reply to these criticisms.



TRANSLATORS of this little book into Persian or any other Oriental language are requested (1) to use the customary terms of politeness with proper names persons, as, Hadrat-i-Muhammad, Hadrat-i-Nuh, Janab-i-Maulavi, Janab-i-Imam, etc.; (Of course, our Lord's name must have Khudavand or equivalent attached) ; (2) to be very careful not let any discourteous word or expression find an entrance into their language; (3) to quote the exact language of the books of the opponents to whom an answer is given; and (4) to begin Chapter I with following words, prefixing them to those with which the English text commences : -


Page 74, note read , and read

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