Has Noah's Ark been found?

is a very regularly asked question and some claim it has.

Some months ago I did an extensive internet search and there is quite a bit of material on Noah's Ark on the web. (An internet search brings up several ten thousand items!) Here a selection of what I found then or have discovered in the meantime: interesting, helpful or just amusing.

Muhammad's name on a piece of wood from Noah's ark? ... and there is a Version 2.

[1], [2] ("Muslim" hoax?), ["Christian" hoax?] and [Christian denial] ... I have the impression that so far I want to side with the third position.

Why it is unlikely that the Ark will ever be found

More on hoaxing

Sun Pictures and the Noah's Ark Hoax ... many more reports on the ark: [1], [2], [3], [4], [5]

Several unusual ideas about the Flood and the Ark

Another rather incredible theory places Noah's Ark in Arabia

Explorers: Searching For Noah's Ark

Rumors and hoaxes
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