among the first to believe in Muhammad. Some think that his name means "the father of the maiden", and that he received this title because he was the father of `Aisha, whom Muhammad married at the age "when she was till playing with dolls." His original name was `Abdul Ka'bah ("slave of the Ka'aba") Ibn Abi Quhafah, which Muhammad changed to Abdullah ("slave of Allah").

Abu Bakr was known to be a benevolent man, and he became the first Caliph after the death of Muhammad, but he reigned only for two years. He also earned the title of al-Siddiq ("the truthful"). Shiites maintained that his election to the Caliphate is not by a majority opinion of the compananions (Sahih Bukhari 8.817). It is said that Ali, the son-in-law of Muhamamd, refused to give his allegiance to Abu Bakr for six months. After his wife, Fatima died, Ali gave in (Sahih Bukhari 5.546)

There is a clan in Al-Medina Al-Menawara, called Bakris, that traced their ancestry to him. He was said to have two sons and two daughters. By age their names are

  1. Asma'aa (Zat Alneetagain or the one with the two belts) It was said that this title was bestowed on her because she used to carry food to Muhammad and Abu Bakr when they were hiding in Jabal Thour in Makkah Al Mukkrama. She was married to Zubair Ibn Al-awam. Her son is Abdullah Ibn Alzoobair who was killed by Yazid Army led by Alhajjaj Ibn Yosef.
  2. Umm Al Mo'me'neen Aisha the wife of Muhammed, who married him when she was as a child. She was also the source of many hadiths.
  3. Abdulrahman.
  4. Muhammad, who was involved in assassinating the third caliph, Uthman.
Abu Bakr reigned as first Caliph after Muhammad's death from AD 632-634. He tolerated Christian communities in Arabia during his reign as long as they submitted to the political authority of Islam. Christians in Najran were tolerated. He, however, fought against those who withheld the required tax imposed on non-Muslim. He died on August 22nd, A.D. 634. However, it is interesting to note that Muhammad was unsure if Abu Bakr will go to paradise (Sahih Bukhari 4.94, Sahih Bukhari 4.439, Sahih Bukhari 5.18 ). However, Sahih Bukhari 5.23 says that Muhammad says that Abu Bakr is admitted. Another hadith (Sahih Bukhari 5.42, Sahih Bukhari 5.44, Sahih Bukhari 8.235 ) made it clear that this pronouncement was made before Abu Bakr was recognized at the gate. Sahih Bukhari 5.157 says the only person Muhammad said admitted to paradise is `Abdullah b. Salam.

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