a French medical doctor who specialized in gastroenterology and surgery. In 1973, Bucaille was appointed family physician to King Faisal of Saudi Arabia. In 1976, while still in the service of the king, he published his book, The Bible, The Qur'an and Science, which argued that the Qur'an contains no statements contradicting established scientific fact. This book became a best-seller among Muslims and was translated in many languages. Most likely it sold millions of copies. This book restored confidence in the Qur'an for countless Muslims and apparently is the reason for some non-Muslims to convert to Islam. It probably was the starting point for a huge wave of claims of "scientific miracles in the Qur'an" that were produced in following decades.

Some Muslims have claimed that his research, which was done while he was a Catholic, caused him to convert to Islam. That, however, turned out to be a hoax.

After his first book had become such a success, he soon wrote more books in support of the teachings of Islam from a scientific or historical perspective, effectively becoming one of the most prominent apologists for Islam during the 1970ies to 1990ies.

Critical evaluations of Bucaille's claims regarding the Qur'an and the Bible are published on this page:

Responses to Dr. Maurice Bucaille

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