Two excellent books, presenting the Christian Faith on its own terms, i.e. not in comparison to other faiths, not in defense to accusations, just plain presentation:

John W.R. Stott
Basic Christianity
InterVarsity Press, 1958, 1971
ISBN 0-87784-690-1

John Stott is very much just presenting and explaining the message of the Bible.

A site about John Stott.


We just found out from the above "John Stott Site" (October 14, 1997):

Basic Christianity is our next online study for the Stott Daily Devotional. It will begin in just a few days. You can subscribe by sending email to and entering the word subscribe in the body of the message. If you have trouble subscribing please contact

C.S. Lewis
Mere Christianity (some excerpts)
Macmillan, 1957

C.S. Lewis is approaching the presentation of the Christian faith in a more 'philosophical' manner.

Both books complement each other in a very good way.

C.S. Lewis Web Sites: [1] [2], [3]

If you want to learn about the Bible and the way it is translated, its historical background and how to interpet it, then I would recommend you to read a good book on the topic. My suggestion:

John R. W. Stott
Understanding the Bible
2nd ed., 1982, Zondervan, 192 pp. $12.99,
ISBN 0-310-41431-8.

Very readable, non-technical, but thorough first introduction by one of the finest Christian scholars of today.

Exploring the Christian Faith
A Contemporary Handbook of What Christians Believe and Why
Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1996, 350 pp., $12.99, ISBN 0-7852-1150-0

[Earlier editions: The Lion Handbook of Christian Belief]. This is a very comprehensive source giving articles on just about every area of Christianity in doctrine and practice, written by over a hundred of the finest Christian scholars. Very much recommended to get an overview and as a reference work.

If you need a book that deals in depth with some questions you have, you are welcome to ask me for a good reference on that specific topic you are interested in.

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