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    The Bible manuscripts shown:
  • p46 from 200 A.D.
  • Codex Vaticanus
  • Papyrus p52
  • Codex Sinaiticus

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You, the reader, may still find in your heart and mind some open questions. We, the partners of the Life Challenge team, are offering to help you in any way we can. We do not represent any particular church or religious sect. We are believers from various backgrounds, and we all love and honour God and His Word.

To help you get an overall view of what the Bible is all about, a little book by the name of al-Kitab ('the Book') has been compiled. It is available in a number of languages.

If you happen to be a Muslim and wrestle with problems like the concept of the 'Son of God', the 'Gospel of Barnabas', the alleged falsification of the Bible or the like, you may wish to read the booklet Dear Abdallah.

If you have further questions, you are invited to contact Gerhard Nehls, the author of this booklet.