Do you believe followers of Judaism will go to heaven?

My answer:

I believe that God does show a special faithfulness to his people Israel in many ways, but those who die in their rejection of Jesus as their Messiah are in no better position than a Gentile (non-Jew) who does the same.

There are several hundred thousands of Messianic Jews, who follow basically all tenets of Judaism, but who also believe in Jesus as Messiah and Son of God. Those are saved Jews.

For the others, no, they will not go to heaven as far as I know and understand the sciptures. Who knows how much extra mercy God has still in store? But we have no promise that he will accept anybody who rejected Jesus.

The next obvious question would be: What about all the believers in the time before Jesus, like Abraham, David etc?

I believe and the Bible is clear about their position in paradise. It is the faith in God's word that makes us acceptable - whether in the word of what he will do in the future [as for the Old Testament saints (believers) who had God's promises of the Messiah who would take care of their sins] or the word of God about what he has done in the past [as for us now, who are looking back to the events of the New Testament and] especially the cross and the resurrection of Christ.

Please keep in mind that I am a fallible human being and I am trying to answer to the best of my knowledge -- which is not perfect. I do not claim to be right in all I say. I am always glad about corrections to my answers or a renewed question that asks for more clarification where I stayed unclear.

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