May 18, 1999: Another change becomes necessary. On Friday, May 14, Adnan Khan started to demand that I remove the quotations from his below messages and when I didn't react immediately (I was not home during most of the weekend) by Sunday it was already turning into blackmailing of what he would do if I will not remove it. It is not my habit to accomodate threats and blackmail. Note also his newsgroup statement that he thinks he has the right to use any email sent to him the way he sees fit. He may, but others may not. Nevertheless, I have now shortened the quote and only excerpted the below complaint to conform to fair use guidelines of quoting for the purpose of discussing the content. For further background on this discussion, see here.
June 4, 1998: Since I have done a number of updates and changes on this part of the site, I have also added a few remarks on this page. They are inserted in [...] brackets and printed in smaller font. The text itself is still my old response.

October 28, 1996

The formulation on the original Qur'an contradictions page was:

A red star * after the title indicates that a Muslim response to this topic is available or included.

I said "available" not "existing in the whole wide world throughout the centuries of Islamic history". But some people are trying hard to give everything a Christian says the worst possible interpretation and even worse than possible. I think the above sentence was rather clear.

The below is the exposition why I am a dishonest villain according to a Muslim [This was before I knew Adnan Khan better, and before he started his own site. Today I know he is not a true Muslim. Originally the complaint was left anonymous but I see no need anymore to protect his identity either. Everyone can see from his pages and postings that this complaint is true to his nature.] Read and "enjoy" the reasoning. [Note also his refusal to link to the Al-Kadhi rebuttal.]

My response:

I have heard this response [originally given by Adnan Khan, but now deleted to cut down on the quoted text - the response wasn't the important part anyway, it was the attitude and argument for dishonesty I am concerned with here], and I think it is weak for several reasons, but I have not excluded it as you accuse me. I said that I will display any response by a Muslim who asks me to include his response. And no Muslim has written up a response to this one yet. That is the only reason that it isn't there. I am in no obligation to present all the responses I have heard somewhere. If you want this response to be on the pages, then write it up in html-form and I will add it.

Can I ask you if in any of the many Islamic web pages that give Bible contradiction lists compiled by Muslims, if they ever display Christian answers? Do they even offer to display them? Why do you call me dishonest if I go much further in my offers to Muslims than any Muslim does in his offers to Christians? Why this double standard? May I suggest that you write to the 20 something Islamic web pages that have Bible contradiction lists and complain about their dishonesty?

Why am I dishonest if Muslims don't do their part of the discussion and give me these answers? Why are Muslims perfectly just and honest if they refuse to give even a link to Christian answers to their attacks?

Muslims seem to have in general a very strange concept of honesty and justice. That is my observation over and over again. And I find this very sad.

To which the perfectly logical response was:

I didn't say there are no answers existing anywhere. I only said they have not been made available to me AND I am giving the invitation to send me an answer. Your whining is an embarrassment to yourself and nothing else.

The problem is not that I am dishonest, but that Muslims are honest by definition because they are Muslims and whatever a Christian does is dishonest because he is a Christian. If I don't give answers, then Muslims complain that I don't display the Muslim side [I have lots of complaints about that], and if I do display them I am dishonest because I don't display everything any Muslim has ever said through the whole history of Islam. Is it my duty to do your own homework? I provide a forum for discussion giving both sides a hearing. Muslims only do propaganda and usually the webmasters don't even answer when I ask if they would be so kind to put up link to a response. But if I don't do exactly as whoever demands, then I am a bad person. I think a lot of Muslims have to grow up and stop this childish behavior. It is bad enough that the Christians are oppressed with violence in the Islamic countries. But I won't let myself be pushed around by every whim of the Muslims that come to the West and think they can demand this and that and we are unjust and dishonest if we don't exactly do what they say.

If you do even only act towards Christians in your countries in a way similar to what I am offering here, then the situation of Christians there would improve beyond comparison to what it is now.

And honestly, I do not see what else I can do to make it more fair and honest than what I have already done.

Do you really mean I should take off ALL Muslim answers because you were to lazy to write answers to every of the displayed problems?

[To this day, Adnan Khan has never written any answers himself. But he is still complaining regularly.]

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