Some people really enjoy digging their own grave!

   174 contradictions of verses in Bible.

was the header of a recent newsgroup posting.

Please see what the Qur'an says:

Sura 6:115

  The words of thy Lord are perfect in truth and in justice; 
  NONE can change His words: 
  For He is the one who heareth and knoweth all.

Sura 6:34

  There is none that can alter the words of Allah.
  Already hast thou received some account of those messengers.

Sura 10:64
  There is no changing the words of God; 
  that is the supreme triumph.    

Further in Sura 3:3 and others, the Qur'an confirms that Torah, Zabur 
and Injil are words of God. 

Do you believe the Qur'an is true in its statement 
that NOBODY can change the words of God? 

Something to ponder for you.

Every time you dig out an "error" in the  [Torah/Gospel], 

       you confirm that the Qur'an is WRONG 

and prove that the very foundation of your religion is faulty. 

The Qur'an states this at least three times to make sure you don't 
overlook it. 

If you think the Bible is wrong BECAUSE of some contradictions 
you have piled up, then think about the contradiction between 
the Qur'an and your confidence in this "proof". In my opinion this 
is a serious logical problem for Islam.

The above is a very sketchy page collecting only a few thoughts. But we also have very detailed discussions on the issue "What the Qur'an says about the Bible".

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