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I offer to link to any responses to the Qur'an contradiction page. If you have written an answer to any of the contradiction discussed on this site, and request a link to your pages, I will do so. For some reasons, several Muslims have written responses and never informed me of them. They seemingly have no interest to be in an interactive discussion. Therefore I mostly do not interlink these answers for each problem but have nevertheless added a link to their pages under further responses as soon as I became aware of them. If it is impossible for you to place them on a personal web site, I even will display it myself but I ask you to produce the file with HTML formating for it.

This is part of my policy of integrity, even though no Muslim site has ever offered to link to any Christian answers to their own Bible contradiction lists.

Attention: Be careful what you send in for display. If it is up it is there to stay. You can add to it but not retract from it. So don't give too hasty answers you haven't really made sure are solid.

If you have not yet read my purpose statement, but are very annoyed that I dare attack the Qur'an, then please, read my purpose statement to understand why I am providing this collection of Difficulties in the Qur'an.

I don't have the time to edit and format the Muslim responses. If you want your response to be displayed, please provide me with the file in the following standard format.


  • Save this file as a source file.
  • Place your response in the place indicated as a fully html-edited text
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  • Send me via email everything that you then find between the two "SNIP HERE" indicators AND also state which page (give the page address!) you are responding to, otherwise it takes too long to search this out in the many files that are there.


    Muslim Response by YOUR name
    Date: Fri, 27 Sep 1996

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    The style of the above then will look for example like this discussion.

    Send it to me at the address given here.

    Translations or Arabic Qur'an?

    Some Muslims get upset that we discuss the Qur'an based on English translations. They claim that all the errors and contradictions are only misunderstandings based on faulty translation and do not exist in the original text of the Qur'an in the Arabic language.

    We are fully aware that the original text is the criterion. It is just the same with the Bible. I have yet to see one Muslim web site with their Bible contradictions list who discuss the Hebrew or Greek text. They all use the English translations. Why such a double standard?

    In any case, if you think that a contradiction is only deriving from the English and it is easily explained in the Arabic, then please explain it and we will put a link to your response or include your response with the article. I have done so before and have one contradiction on the site where the Arabic has solved it. But that is the only one so far.

    We do not insist on any English translation. The final criterion is the Arabic text. Large parts of this site have been checked by Arab Christians for accuracy. They have pointed out a few errors due to such misunderstandings from translation (which have been corrected) but mostly they agreed with the content of the contradiction. Translation is not really the issue. It is the content of the statements.

    Qur'an Contradictions