How can little worm eat away Solomans staff? Was Solomon standing there for months and waited for the little worm to finish until it fell apart?

Solomon is amused at the speech of an ant? (27:19) How could Solomon keep his sanity if he heard all the voices of all the insects around him? He must have been drowned in constant chatter.

But, after all, who believes that the ants do think in these terms about humans? I have never seen ants run away when I put my foot over them. If they knew they would be crushed if they don't go away quickly why don't they move?

Solomon has supposedly has an army of birds and an army of jinns (27:17), but even more "astonishing" is a long conversation with a Hoopoe bird in 27:21-28 which is for sure rather unlikely (scientific questionability).

According to the Qur'an Solomon then sends this bird to the Queen of Sheba demands that she come and worship Allah, and he is questioning her.

The Biblical account says very differently, that she hears of his fame wisdom and achievements, and comes to test Solomon with hard questions and afterwards is very impressed and led to praise the Lord God of Israel. But it is not "threat" as in the Qur'an but being impressed with Solomon's wisdom and the blessings God has bestowed on him that elicit her praise to God [1 Kings 10:9].

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