Qur'an Contradiction:

Shaking the Trunk of a Palm Tree?

From one of our readers we received this message:

Dear friends,

I am sure you might know this, but I haven't seen it mention in any of the sites I have visited. Its about the contradiction in Quran.

In surat Maryam Aya # 25 where the verse asks Maryam " And shake toward thyself the trunk of the palm tree: It will let fall fresh ripe dates upon thee."

Okay we are the people of the desert and we know the palm dates come only in the summer. How come all Christian sects thinks the birth of Jesus is in December or January. No dates fruit during that time. If that was a miracle, then why the Quran does not say so? And if Quran want to differ with what the Christianity believes then why not stating that? And anyway you need to be really super strong to shake a trunk of a palm tree!

May be you publish this... and my apology of my ignorance if you are already aware of it.

Best, H.

Remark: And as is well known, women are particularly strong when they have just given birth...

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