Qur'an Contradiction:

The Event of Worship to the Golden Calf

In the last contradiction we were already looking at idol worship and the golden calf was mentioned in Sura 4:153. Now let us have a closer look at this specific story.

In Sura 20:85, Allah told Moses "We have tested thy people in thy absence; the Samiri has led them astray". Allah did not place any blame on Aaron. Aaron admitted that he did no wrong: "O my people! Ye are being tested in this ... so follow me and obey my command" (20:90).

Since Moses knew this (because Allah told him already), why did he place the blame on Aaron? "O Aaron! What kept thee back, when thou sawest them going wrong, from following me? Didst thou then disobey my order?" (20:92). And why did he drag him by the hair (7:150)? These two accounts contradict. According to 7:151, Aaron was partly responsible for the sins of his people because Moses prayed for Aaron's forgiveness. And this time (contrary to his other confession), Aaron admits to idol making/idol worshipping in verse 150 "because of the people who nearly killed him when he tried to resist it". But seemingly he gave in and did as they demanded.

Furthermore, in 7:149, the people repented about worshipping the golden calf before Moses returned, but according to 20:91 they refused to repent but rather continued to worship the calf until Moses came back.

This is all rather confusing.

A Muslim's Response by Randy Desmond
Date: Fri, 18 Oct 1996 05:12:26 PDT

Please reread it.

In no place does Aaron (Peace be upon him) admit to idol making and/or worshipping. In fact the people go near to slaying him! (Surah 7:150). Aaron (pbuh) is only guilty of not wanting to split up the Children of Israel.

As for the sequence of Moses returning and the Children of Israel repenting, there is no conflict. In Surah 7, verses 149 and 150 both start with the Arabic "wa lammaa" which means "and when(at the time of)" or "as for when". This is not denoting sequence in time according to the Arabic.

A second response by Asif Iqbal was published on the Bismikaallahuma website. Both Muslim responses are discussed in detail in this article.

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