Qur'an Contradiction:

What Action Did Abraham Take?

The accounts of Abraham, Suras 19:41-49, 6:74-83 differ quite a bit from Sura 21:51-59.

In 21:51-59 Abraham destroys the idols to show the people that they have no power and argues with them, in consequence they try to kill him by throwing him into fire. [Furthermore: in verse 57 he destroys their idols (their property) behind the back of the people (the owners) and in verse 63 he lies about it. Is that the behavior of an honest prophet?]

Anyway, while in Sura 21 Abraham confronts his people strongly, and even destroys the idols, in Sura 19 Abraham shuts up after his father threatens him to stone him for speaking out against the idols. And he seems not only to become silent, but even to leave the area ("turning away from them all"). Nothing of destroying the idols is said. In Sura 6 he also only argues with the people without taking any action to destroy idols.

Furthermore Sura 6 differs from the other two in the respect that Abraham does initially also worship the creation instead of the creator and only later realizes his mistake [sin] of worshiping that which is not God..

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