Birds and the air

If a book lies on a table, would it be scientifically correct to say that nothing upholds the book exept God? Sure, were it not for God, there wouldn't be a table, or even a book for that matter, but clearly it is the table that carries the book when we look at it scientifically.

In Surah al-Mulk 67:19 we read:

God is the ultimate cause of all life and movement. In that respect the above is true. However, the verse specifically speaks about the wing movement of the birds and if it is Allah who upholds and NAUGHT else then there would not be the need of wing movement. In fact, for birds and airplanes it is the air that upholds them, the difference between air pressure above and below the wings. This air is created by God, but nevertheless it is the air that holds them and lets them fly.

At the time of Muhammad that might not have been not known at all. Certainly the mechanics of it was not clearly understood. Even if we do not want to go as far as calling this a plain scientific error, it nevertheless seems that the author of the Qur'an at least missed the chance for giving unknown scientfific insight by stating that it is the air that upholds the birds in flight.

That would have been something to be impressed about to a certain extent. Would it not? I am sure if this had been stated it would be in the Muslims' collections of scientific miracles of the Qur'an. However, the statement that NOTHING but Allah upholds them is missing in such scientific evaluations done by Muslims. Why?

We observe again: There is no consistent scientific insight in the Qur'an, and looking at it with this standard, the Qur'an falls short of the claims in many passages.

Further observations about this verse regarding its differing translations.

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