I want to start this folder to discuss the topics: 

 * Is the Qur'an indeed the Word of God? 

 * How was it collected and what is it's nature?  

I intend to back up everything I say with verifiable references. 
If you want to respond, please keep the discussion on an intellectual level
and use the appropriate scholarly language for it. Getting unduly emotional 
and calling names does not get us anywhere. My intention is not to hurt 
anyone's feelings or offend anybody. 
Being a former Muslim, I can anticipate some probable reactions of Muslims. 
Please believe me that I do not want to offend you but I hope for a real and 
honest discussion, based on facts not emotions. 
Muslims are non-stop charging the Bible with "corruption" although they hardly 
do not give any proofs, but whenever someone criticizes the Qur'an they yell 
"foul". In a Muslim country, one would be killed for doing such a thing. But 
if they charge someone's scriptures with corruption, then they should expect 
some response from Christians regarding the Qur'an. Please keep in mind that 
we are NOT talking about the Bible but the Qur'an (in this folder). The
intention is not to critisize the Qur'an for the sake of criticism, or to
win theological or philosophical arguments. 
The main reason is to give the Muslims the Good News that there is something
better. His name is Jesus. Let's please have a civil discussion if possible. 


Qur'an "cannot" be the Word of the one true God because:

1. Qur'an is full of ancient man made fables which can be traced to their
original sources.
2. There are irreconcilable contradictions in the Qur'an.
3. It is not in "pure Arabic" as it claims to be. 
4. The present Qur'an was compiled by just one man, Zaid Bin Thabit with
some changes introduced later.
5. There were a number of different Qur'ans in circulation during the times
of the first four Caliphs.
6. No original copy/ies exist despite the Muslim belief.
7. The full text was not written during Mohammad's lifetime, only bits and
8. There are substantial portions missing in some Surats.
There is a lot more but these are a few starting points.


Qur'an is not the Word of God. 

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