Now that by Mr. Lomax meticulous count this questions seems settled,
I think there is the time for some HUMOROUS reflection on it.

For that I want to combine Mr. Lomax counting results with
Ahmed Elneweihi's ingenious prophetic interpretation. :)

  In article <4cprrf$>, 
  (Ahmed Elneweihi) writes:
  In article <4con0e$> Jochen Katz 
  > just head read this 'slowing down thing' a few days ago, so that was a new 
  >thought, but I had better adorned it with many smileys as to not be taken so 
  >seriously in this specific posting. 
  It is too bad you are retracting that statement, because it just occured to me 
  that if the "slowing down thing" was correct, it would have pointed to yet, 
  another miracle in the Qur'an.  
  Since the counting of the word "Yawm" or "day" and relating it to the 
  number of days in a year was "discovered" only recently, one can say that the 
  Qur'an has prophesized that when people will discover this count, the number 
  of days in the time of this discovery will indeed be rounded to 365 days.  In 
  other words, we would have here the combination of a scientific fact and a 
  prophecy in one.  
  Ahmed Elneweihi, P. Eng.
Now, may I propose that this is a backward prophecy instead of a forward 
And the scientific method (proof?) given by the Qur'an 
(or better: by those who have nothing better to do to make up proofs for      )
(the divine origin of it by methods which were never intended to be read into )
(the text)
for the real age of the earth is that we calculate back how many years from
the creation of the earth it would have taken to slow down the rotation
of the earth as to give the decrease from 475 days/year to 365 days/year, 
because clearly, this given number corresponds to the time of creation.

Only humorous responses to this posting will be taken seriously. 

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