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            Salvation Indicators Part 4: 2 Thess. 1:8


For example, isn't it strange that we Christians accept, almost
unanimously, that the 27 Books, commonly called "the New
Testament" are precisely the Word of God, along with "the Old
Testament."  No other writings, and no fewer writings, COMPLETE

How do we know this?  We can't PROVE IT.  We have no evidence (or
do we?) other than these Books are what emerged after all the
bickering and debate of the first 300 -400 years of the "early
church."  Yet we almost ALL accept it.  Is it: "My sheep HEAR MY
VOICE"?  I think that is it, really.  But I'd like to mention
something that may have already been mentioned in the thread that
was just fading out when I had the blessing of finding this

Several people were writing, in the thread of Biblical
Numerology, that the Name Ieesous ("Jesus") totalled to the Greek
number 888.  In his book, "Many Infallible Proofs," Dr. Henry
Morris gives, on p.328:  "In remarkable contrast to this, the
name Jesus (Greek `iesous') has the value 888, and it occurs 888
times in the NT!"

"Wow!" I thought; I have to check this one out!  I got out my
Online Bible, and did a count on iesous in the Textus Receptus
and other Greek ms.  None of them came out to exactly 888, but
they varied closely around that number, almost all a little on
the HIGH side.  This is to be expected, of course, since the ms
do differ from one another.  Finally, I tried it in another CD
Bible program I have, the "BIBLE LIBRARY."  Running it on the
"Romanicised Greek text" I came up with the count of 891, just 3
too many.  

But, and here's a point Dr. Morris left out: "Jesus" does not
always refer to the Lord, in the NT; for example, in Heb. 4:8 it
refers to Joshua in the OT.   I studied the occurrences of the
word for quite a while, making corrections on the count, for
example the one in Heb. 4:8. I became fully convinced that Dr.
Morris' statement was absolutely correct: "Jesus" which totals to
888, occurs exactly 888 times in the NT, applied to Him!  

And if there's something to this, to us who KNOW God, the One Who
authored those 27 Books, WE KNOW that it's another seal of
confirmation from Him that those 27 Books are indeed the correct
Canon of His Word.  We KNOW it, even though the Scripture never
teaches it, and we can't prove it (and we probably shouldn't use
it, when contending with the unbeliever).  If any books were
added, or subtracted, of course, this marvelous observation
wouldn't work.

Similarly: In the Apocalypse, the "7's" are MUCH MORE THAN
COINCIDENTAL, and it is obvious to any believer that John didn't
plan them that way (only the REAL AUTHOR of the Apocalyse could

The Great Tribulation is given as a listing of 4 7's: Seven
Seals, Seven Trumpets, Seven Thunders, and Seven Vials.

There are Seven "Blesseds" (makarios), Seven "Prophecy"s, Seven
Churches, Seven Years, Seven "Reign"s, Seven "Abyss"s, Seven
"Sign"s, Seven "patience"s, Seven "Worthy"s, Seven "Christ"s, and
Seven "Mark"s.

(In the Synoptic Gospels, "There shall be weeping and gnashing of
teeth" [lit. "there shall be THE WEEPING AND THE GNASHING"]
occurs seven times.

Bob Meyers 

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