In article <4nhslh$>, Haroon Rashid 

>In Azhark1557's username , 1+5+5+7 ========> 18
>The result is just one away from 19, nearly another miracle according to
>the 19 theory.

And this received the answer by Razak Mohamed Lazim  
who wrote in article <4nksm0$>:

| Assalamu 'alaikum brother,
| But you forgot to count Azhaark, there's only one azhark. So
| (azhark)ie 1 + 1 + 5 + 5 + 7 = 19
| See, if you make the rules, you can fit anything into anything.
| Wassalam.
| PS : By the way, this is their style of counting.

My response:

Razak's repair suggestion does not do justice to the intricate patterns 
embedded in 'Azhark1557' and destroys more than it helps. In the following 
I want to present the structures I have found. (just do demonstrate AGAIN 
that you can find miracles everywhere, if you only look hard enough -- 
and as Brendan kindly calculated, by accepting 5 different methods of 
calculating them, the probability of finding one is 86%...)

In article <4nhslh$>, Haroon Rashid 

| In Azhark1557's username , 1+5+5+7 ========> 18
| The result is just one away from 19, nearly another miracle according to 
| the 19 theory.
| Haroon

No no no, there are several REAL miracles in this name, not just
"nearly" a miracle.

First we observe that "Azhark" has ONE upper case letter  A     1
                      followed by five lower case letters  zhark 5
and a reflection of his faith in the 19 theory.                   57 = 3x19

Summary: 1 (upper case) 5 (lower case) 57 = 3x19
         ^              ^              ^^

But this is just the beginning and can be gleaned by superficial observation.
In addition, and now the miracle sets in, not only is there 

* ONE upper case letter which is represented by "1",
* it also is to be found at position "1" in the name AND
* also has gematrical value ONE, ("A" being the first letter in the alphabet)

So, there are THREE properties of 'one' in the first letter "A" alone, 
which miraculously connects to the "three" in 57=3x19, the co-factor
to 19 in the last part of his number name.

And yet again that is not all: We have already seen the intimate connection 
of "A" with "3", which is reinforced by the fact that by stepping three 
places further into this "miraculous userid" we hit on another 'a'!!!
A z h a r k
^     ^

[One could even give all this a "Christian" mystical interpretion which is just
as valid. This name does reflect powerfully the doctine of the Trinity...
"A" is the beginning of the alphabet, standing for the ground and source of
all being and life. Related by 'threesomeness' is "a" (little a) clearly to be 
seen as the son of big A and therefore bearing the title "Son of A" ... the 
representation of "A" (God, upper case - uppermost authority) among the lower 
case letters (mankind, in the image of God, or the representative/viceregent 
of God with 'derived authority, similar but much smaller...)]

I am sure further in-depth study of the other letters in this name
will reveal a host of other deep relationships. 

I am wondering also what exactly Sura Azhark 15:57 says. Probably
lots of surprises in this verse too. But he hasn't told us yet.

:)  Jochen


Now, not only the people around R.K. have the problem with faulty data
and repairing miracles when they are in danger to disintegrate because of
wrong counts. I was hit by this predicament too as I was to find out after 
I had discovered all these features.

In article <4nhslh$>, Haroon Rashid 
| In Azhark1557's username , 1+5+5+7 ========> 18
| The result is just one away from 19, nearly another miracle according to 
| the 19 theory.
| Haroon

Well, now that you have seen and hopefully enjoyed my numerological analysis
of Azhark1557's name, I have to confess that I have done this from the
above version given by Haroon which is really a corrupted text.

[How much can one trust that Quran and Hadith (huge volumes of writings) are 
transmitted accurately if some Muslims in our day of COMPUTER MEMORY still
cannot transmit correctly even one word which they set out to analyze????]

Anyway, I went to the authoritative source 
   [luckily we still have some original "manu-types" on this newsgroup - 
    or have they not been manu-typed but only 'many-cut-and-pasted'?] 
and have to extend my analysis a bit based on these new insights.

The true uncorrupted version taken directly by copy and paste
from his OWN posting is: (AzharK1557)

Now, we see, there are NOT 1 upper case and 5 lower letters in his name
which comes down in two different spelling traditions. 

azhark1557   and    AzharK1557

none of which is the "Haroonite" version. But my miracle still holds
true with the following repair work:

We do have the original version 

azhark1557    with 0 upper case and 6 lower case letters


AzharK1557    with 2 upper case and 4 lower case letters.

Taking the average of both numbers in the upper case case 
                                  and the lower case case
we do indeed AGAIN arrive at the "averaged distribution" of

                   1 upper case and 5 lower case letters

and we have saved our miracle!!! Well, actually, far from being
embarrassed by our use of faulty data to arrive at the miraculous
design, we observe that BOTH spellings "azhark1557" and "AzharK1557"
are indeed divinely intended!!! - which is completely obvious from 
the fact that TAKEN TOGETHER "as revealed", they display plainly this 
miracle (never mind that I probably hadn't seen it, had there not 
been this corrupted data helping me and opening my eyes to it). 
Any of the two original versions on their own would NOT have yielded 
this miraculous pattern.

Now, I am starting to wonder if we should not take this word in its
two (true) writing traditions "azhark1557" and "AzharK1557" as THE 
true divine revelation to mankind or better "sri-kind"?

I mean, is there ANY word in the Quran that has SUCH many miracles
in ONE word? 

Nothing more is more appropriate now than the 

                       silence of AWE.


Although Shawki and friends think that I canNOT see the miracle because
I do not believe -- and he might be right :) -- I think it should be
plain to everybody now: 

As sombody who does not even believe in these miracles I CAN SEE these 
miracles everywhere and find them in any data I want to. Just imagine 
how many miracles I could find in the Qur'an if only I would believe 
them to be there and find it worth my time to search them out diligently!!

But, the miracle is NOT in the user id, and the miracle is NOT in the text 
of the Qur'an or any other text (at least not "this sort" of a miracle). 
The miracle really is the the human mind, created by God with such powers 
of creativity and imagination. 

Finally I am wondering, how much Azhar Khan did think when he chose this 
user id. Did he intend any of these structures and I have discovered some 
of what he deliberately put into it? I am convinced I found much more 
than he intended EVEN if he intended some. Maybe he intended some features 
and I found completely different ones!

Anyway, I am "sure" he won't dare ever change his user id again, after it 
bears the stamp of divine approval as shown above!

My guess: Maybe he was born May first, or January fifth in 1957 and 
therefore chose 1-5-57 to supplement the letters of his name. Or it 
is his wife's birthday, or their wedding day, or part of his phone 
number, or the pin code of his credit card backwards, or just any other 
important number in his life and that was the only reason for choosing 
it and it had NO significance whatsoever in respect to the features 
I "found" (invented) for it. :)

(I am actually interested to know by now! -- If you want you are invited
to email me privately and tell me. I won't tell it to anybody.)

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