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>We learn from the Quran (6:113) that these fabrications are a test
>for us. The non-believer will accept these fabrications while the
>believer will reject the fabrications.

6:113 uses the phrase "qawli ghuruwr," that is, words (qawl) which are
deceiving (ghuruwr). Some time ago, I discovered that the numerical
value of "ghuruwr" is 1406, which is 74 * 19. 1406 is also a number we
have seen recently from the Khalifites as the lapse of years between
the revelation of the Qur'an and the alleged discovery of the
numerical code by Khalifa.

However, this code is a deception, as indicated by value of ghuruwr,
which also points, through Khalifite logic, to the mention of the
number 19 in sura 74. Note that, in verse 34 of this sura, among other
functions of the setting of the number of guardians of the fire as 19,
it is a trial for unbelievers *and* those in whose hearts is a
disease. These tried ones will say "What does Allah intend by this

This view is confirmed by 3:7, where there is a similar description of
those who seek the hidden meanings of the Qur'an (Sura 74 is termed by
the Khalifites "The Hidden Secret").

Allah's book is clear to those who approach it with caution and

Until they die, He maintains a path of return for those who follow
deviant sects; it is through simple honesty and careful
self-examination that they can find it. I ask him to guide the sincere
believers and trust in his promise.

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