A Muslim Perspective from

                    MOHAMMED BANA

For many years Ahmed Deedat has been promoting a theory 
that Jesus Christ was indeed crucified but was taken down 
alive from the cross. This theory was first promoted in 
his booklet "Was Christ Crucified?" and has recently been
perpetuated in his new booklet "Crucifixion or Cruci-Fiction?"
We have often remarked that Mr Deedat has been promoting a
Qadiani theory, approved only by the Ahmadiyya Movement which 
has been declared a non-Muslim minority sect in Pakistan. 
His theory must be deplored by true Christians and Muslims 
alike. Readers will be interested to know that the same 
opinion has been expressed by MOHAMMED BANA of Durban. 
He says of Deedats theory:

Mr Deedat is fond of making lectures about other denominations 
but very seldom on Islam. He seems to have a fixed notion 
about Prophet Jesus' Crucifixion Theory. In his lectures he 
hardly gave the Islamic viewpoint or seldom the Christian 
viewpoint, thus confusing his audience. I believe he likes to 
make the Qadiyanis of this country very happy by mostly giving 
their viewpoint that Jesus after being put on the cross, 
swooned. Now why should Mr Deedat tell his audience that Jesus 
was put on the cross and he swooned because nowhere the
Qur'an speaks that Jesus was put on the crow and he swooned.
Mr Deedat is the only person who can tell us whether he is
preachhig either the Christian doctrine, the Muslim doctrine 
or the Qadiani doctrine?"
               [MOHAMMED BANA,  "Allegations Confirmed", p. 3]

Mohammed Bana has rightly endorsed our complaint that the
crucifixion booklets published by Mr Deedat are contrary to
the teaching of both the Bible and the Qur'an and should be
rejected by Christians and Muslims alike.

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