Ahmed Deedat received a correction to his Combat Kit in a private letter, delivered personally to his office  on 25 November 1993. He did not reply to the letter, nor did he take any corrective steps, therefore, a group of concerned Christians deliberated at length and decided to make this a public issue. They rebuked and warned him in the following ‘Open Letter’ which was published as a paid advertisement in Durban's main newspaper "Daily News" on 13 August 1994 on page 6.

Open Letter to Ahmed Deedat

Dear Sir,

We note with sadness that you have been, for many years, promoting your belief primarily by attacking other faiths rather than by positively presenting your own Islamic teachings.

We regret that you have continued to make public verbal and written attacks on Christianity even though your arguments have been soundly refuted.

In an effort to degrade and discredit the Bible you have resorted to the use of ridicule and vulgar language. Your recent booklet "Combat Kit" is an example of this and it should be removed from circulation. We who highly esteem the Holy Bible find it unacceptable and offensive. This undignified behaviour is unbecoming for such a prominent religious leader as yourself. It is to be noted that this matter is not one of debate; that is, who is right or wrong as to faith and theology. Rather it is one of bad manners and disrespect. A democratic and free South Africa entrenches the right of all religions to propagate their beliefs freely without having to vilify and bad mouth others in the process. For too long you have propagated your beliefs by spreading literature about Christianity. Respectful refutation is one thing but misrepresentation and ridicule is another! It is for this that we rebuke you.

For the reasons stated above, prayerfully and humbly, we now rebuke you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ for your stubborn persistence in this matter. We are compelled to warn you that unless you repent of your mockery, you will draw upon yourself the judgment of God in due course.

This rebuke is motivated, not out of any sense of animosity, but from our fear of God and our Christian love for you. We pray that you will turn to God in repentance and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. We pray this prayer in the name of that same Jesus who died upon the cross for you and rose from the dead that you may enter eternal life with Him.

Since your attacks against the Bible have been made public, it pains us that this rebuke also has to be made public.

Yours Sincerely,

Pastor Sam Kumalo, Pastor Cedric Coates, Pastor Johnny Frank, Pastor Ken Gouws, Pastor Clive Gopal, Pastor Bobby Freddy, Pastor Seelan Govender, Pastor Patrick Geary, Pastor Malcolm Hedding, Pastor Joel Baker, Pastor Noel Sanderson, Pastor David Isaac, Pastor Farouk Ibrahim, Pastor Gerry Pontier, Pastor Jonathan Leach, Pastor Joseph Khan, Pastor Robert Munien, Pastor Ian Nehl, Pastor Mauritius Pienaar, Pastor Cyril Rajoo, Pastor Allen Rockhill, Pastor Sydney Reddy, Pastor Ken Smith, Pastor Sundrum Thomas, Pastor Errol Wagner, Pastor Graham Williams, Pastor Norman Hudson, Pastor Vernon Pillay, Pastor Joe Bell, Pastor Fred Roberts, Pastor Dudley Thompson, Pastor Eric Nathaniel.

The city of Durban is the home of Ahmed Deedat and also the location of the headquarters of the Islamic Propagation Centre International (*) that was founded by Deedat. At the time of publication, the signatories to this open letter were all pastors of churches in Durban.

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