Do you have your cross yet?

"D." is a young Muslim man who lives in Indonesia. One night during Ramadan (in 1991) he had a dream. He dreamt he was sitting with his arms tied to a chair. Then he saw a man he recognized as Jesus coming. Jesus touched the ropes and they fell from his arms. Jesus said to him, "Look for the pole" - D. didn't know what the meant so he asked "what pole?" But Jesus just said again "Look for the pole". When D. awoke he tried to think what the dream might mean but after a few days he forgot about it.

But Jesus didn't forget! Two years later during Ramadan, D. had another dream. In this dream Jesus was saying to him, "I told you to look for the pole. Why haven't you done what I asked?" So D. asked, "Where is this pole and how will I find it?" Jesus pointed to a hill very far away and said, "Go, look for the pole." In his dream, D. ran through jungle and thorns for a seemingly long way. Finally exhausted he came to a clearing and there he saw a cross. This was the pole Jesus had told him to look for.

The next day D. went to see the Imam - the leader at the mosque. He asked him about the dream. The Imam told him to search for the truth. That night D. had another dream - he dreamt he saw a Christian cemetery. All the graves had crosses at the end. Suddenly, all the graves opened and the people rose into the sky where Jesus was waiting for them. D. realized he wasn't ready because he didn't have his cross yet.

In the morning D. couldn't forget this disturbing dream. So he went to visit the pastor of a church he knew of near his village. The pastor opened his Bible and helped D. understand that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. After going to church for a few weeks D. gave his heart to Jesus. Now he is going to Bible College and hopes to share about Jesus with other Muslims.

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