This question was the beginning of my journey. At the beginning of 1995, I felt a sudden hunger to learn about God. I was from a secular Muslim background and never questioned my own faith or other spiritual matters before. Due to the nature of my job, most of the time I was in my car, was listening to a new found Christian radio station and hearing many times about the virgin birth of Jesus. I asked myself why it was only him who was born this way. At that time I did not have any Bible and there was not anybody to talk about this. Also during the whole process nobody ever witnessed to me. I decided to call my parents in Turkey and asked them to mail me a Koran in Turkish. When my Koran arrived, I was shocked to read that Koran also told the story of this event in Sura Al-i Imran 3:47 and 3:59. That increased my curiosity and decided to search for the truth. At one point at my work place I asked another Muslim friend the question "Why him?"

He answered that basically God is capable to do anything and he did such a miracle for him. I was not satisfied with that response because even though he was right that God is able to do anything, I still thought that there must be a special reason and He kind of wanted us to understand something very important.

My search between that radio station and the Koran continued for about six months and I was completely exhausted and was still not sure of who Jesus is. At that point I was tired of searching and almost ready to drop everything. Then something came to my mind: I had done everything on my own but had never prayed or asked His help. That day I had an in some ways childish prayer. Basically I said, "Lord I don`t want to sin against You, and I want to know who Jesus is, and why only him, please help me."

Three days passed and I even forgot about this prayer. At night I came home from work and I was very tired from my day's work. I expected to have a deep sleep. But contrary to my expectation I was waking up every 15 minutes and every time just before I opened my eyes some written message was moving on my forehead. After 4 or 5 of those wake ups. I went to my work room at home. And asked the Lord, "Are you trying to tell me something?" Suddenly the answer of that question came and He spoke to my heart that "He had a virgin birth because He had to be sinless to pay for your sins." I was amazed that even though it seemed the reasoning was so easy to find I was not able to do on my own. That night I went to my knees and I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour.

Since that day the Lord gave me a great peace and assurance that I am His child and will be always with me and lead me. I have never seen this as a conversion from one religion to another. Finally I was able to know His holiness and His purpose for my life. I always tell people, the meaning of the word Muslim is the one who submits to God and by accepting the Lamb, He provided for us, we are all one. And also I strive to be a good Christian which means little Christ or Messiah.

God bless you and protect you.

In His service,


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