Testimony of Malika

From Islam to Jesus Christ

A native of Morocco, I was born into a very religious Muslim family. Since a very young age I was brought up in a purely traditional Islamic way. Since adolescence I had a burning desire to be a good Muslimah and an example in the eyes of Allah. I rejected anything and everything concerning the Jews and the Christians. The mere sight of a cross revolted me. At the age of 16 I met my husband at the French School (Lycee) who talked to me about Jesus and gave me a copy of the Bible of John to read. I was very defiant but I felt overwhelming feelings for this boy . I accepted the Bible and decided to read it secretly of course because if my parents would have found out they would have severely reprimanded me.

Reading the first chapter overwhelmed my heart to the extent that I knew it is the Book of God and Jesus is the truth. That was a complete awakening for me. It was completely against anything spiritual and opposite to what I learned in Islam. I understood very well and precisely that God loves every human being without exception. I continued my discovery when I read a religious calendar with verses from the Bible that said that we can talk to God as a father. I experimented with this dialogue with God. Every evening before sleep I talked to God and felt with certainty that a presence filled my heart not like before when I recited the prayers for Allah and felt a void. This is an experience that really affected me. Time passed and I developed this firm belief that Jesus Christ is the son of God, that the Bible is the truth. I was not yet aware of the sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross. I did not have the experience of repenting for my sins.

One evening when I returned home I found my mother in my room. She had found out through an anonymous phone call that I have been going out with a French boy and a non-Muslim. This was a real shock for her and also for me. I cried and suffered for some days and even thought to discontinue reading the Bible or talk to the Lord. For me everything was finished even the relationship with this boy. But I did not count on the will of the Lord to save me.

The following Monday his father called my parents and asked to meet them. During this meeting I prayed from the bottom of my heart. God blessed me when my mother came back from the meeting talking about marriage. I was very happy despite my young age of 18 years. Then we were married and that was really a miracle if you know the Muslim religion.

When the miracle was over our hearts were not with God anymore. We prayed that evening but we did not go to church and there was no real repentance from sin. The enemy has sown the trouble in our life and I contemplated divorce. But my husband and I knowing that the divorce will not please God we contacted the Evangelical Pentecostal Church. My husband started going to the meetings but I did not. One day God in his love sent me to this house of prayer. It was there that I really repented for my sins and that was the beginning of the relationship with the Lord Jesus. We have been baptized in 1996 and I am very happy to know the truth and to follow Jesus. In retrospect I realize how great our God is and how much he loves us and his will helped us to be saved. He never abandoned me.

Thank you Lord.

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