Welcome to these pages where Christians answer to the challenges of Islam.

Christianity and Islam are the most prominent religions, meaning, these two religions are the two who have the highest number of members as well as the fact that they are the only ones among the great world religions which have the God-given command to to spread their message to all people (and they indeed act on it).

Because of this, there is automatically a 'competition' between Islam and Christianity, which does not arise in the same way between Islam and Judaism or Christianity and Buddhism for example.

Judaism, Christianity and Islam, the three mono-theistic religions do share a common heritage and at least at first sight seem to have many similarities. But in important aspects they are also very different.

In the dialog with Muslims over the last few years, I have discovered that most of them are severely misinformed about the Christian faith, about the contents of the Bible and about the historic development of the Christian and Jewish Holy Scriptures. Most of these misconceptions are just pure ignorance because nobody has ever told them otherwise. They merely have never been exposed to true Christian teaching. Another part is due to deliberate distortions of the Christian faith, the Biblical message and Christian history by several Muslim writers, speakers or propagandists.

But these misunderstandings are not a OneWay street. Many Christians know very little about Islam as well. These pages are created with the goal to help both sides to a better mutual understanding of our respective faiths.

Obviously I am creating and maintaining these pages on the basis of my conviction that authentic Christianity is the true faith, and though I myself am certainly subject to misinterpreting the Bible and do not claim that all my opinions are the pure unadulterated truth, I do firmly believe that the Bible as it is today is the true uncorrupted Word of God and basis for all truth, especially in regard to the nature, character and deeds of God and His will for all mankind at all times.

But I am in the process of thinking, learning and growing, both in respect to my own faith as well as in respect to knowledge about Islam and other religions and world views.

My pages will contain mainly an attempt to clearly answer the questions, claims, and challenges that are posed to Christians by Muslims. They will show that many accusations are completely unfounded (have no basis in reality) and others are just misunderstandings, which disappear when explained carefully. How successful this material achieves what it sets out to do, is up the the reader to decide.

Since every honest quest for truth will have to carefully investigate ALL the evidence both "for" AND "against" any claim, I will make the effort to provide links to all relevant Islamic pages that will be brought to my attention. I do not expect that Islamic sites will link to my pages but would be grateful for it, and would interpret this as a sign that their intent too, is to emphasize honest investigation of truth over one-sided propaganda.

The purpose of these pages is to help honest seekers to find ALL evidence needed to come after their investigation to an informed decision which faith they want to follow.

In this spirit, I want to encourage you to bring to my attention all relevant material you know about. If available on the web, I will link to it. If that is impossible, I am willing to display some of your material on my pages as well. And especially, if you find some factual misinformation, or wrong interpretation of facts, I am happy to correct it if you can show me that it is indeed wrong. I want to be ruthlessly honest. I do want the truth to be known. The truth does not need to hide behind false accusations and propaganda.

May the only true God bless you and
guide you in your search for knowing Him, and
may you never be satisfied with superficial answers
but struggle until you know WHAT you can believe and
WHY you believe what you believe and
are able to defend and explain it intelligently.

Let us now embark on our quest for truth and in the process be respectful in how we treat each other as persons, but without compromising truth for the 'superficial peace of relativism'.

True religion is to "speak the truth in love" as God commands us in His Holy Word (Ephesians 4:15).

There are two false ways we so easily go:
Sacrificing the truth for (false) love, peace and harmony, or
sacrificing love and respect for each other in our battle for truth.
Both are failure in the eyes of God in regard to this command He has given us.

And sacrificing the truth could not even be called love, because if I really love you, I will not withhold the truth from you even if you might be hurt and offended by it initially, since finding the Truth goes hand in hand with disillusionment, i.e. losing the illusions and lies I have believed in before. But would this really be a loss? I can only call it gain, though maybe a gain that comes with a period of painful readjustment in many areas of my life.

These pages will try to give both, a positive presentation of the content of the Christian faith and the evidence for the truth of it and the reasons why Christians based on the Biblical revelation can not accept Muhammad as prophet or the Qur'an as the true Word of God. I hope you understand this presentation as a necessary part of our struggle for truth and not as an attempt to offend you.

May this resource help many to find the answer to their quest for God and his truth, and then to share it with those still searching.

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