Errors and Contradictions in the Bible?

Many Muslims say: The Bible is full of errors and contradictions.

My first question would be: Could you please give me an example that really troubles you? What is the passage and what is the problem? Should you not be able to point to one, then please do not attack what you don't know, as to not be found to blaspheme against the Word of God. Taking one from the answer list below doesn't count. The question is what is your motivation when you come to this allegation.

But should you indeed have something that looks like a contradiction or an error there are resources out there you can consult if you want to have answers.

And one more issue to ponder here, before you go on ... as well as the question:
What are you doing with equally difficult passages in the Qur'an?"


Web sites dealing with "Bible contradictions"

Collections of "contradictions" and responses:

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  • General thoughts on the contradictions issue: [1]

    The most important issue in this area:

  • A harmony of the resurrection accounts (R Forster & P Marston)
  • A Suggested Harmonization of the Resurrection Narratives (Murray J. Harris)
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  • The Inscriptions on the Cross
  • A systematic collection of Bible difficulties and answers (just a very small start...)
  • Responses to various alleged contradictions in the Gospel of John

    Helpful Literature

    Gleason L. Archer
    An Encycopedia of Bible Difficulties
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    David E. O'Brien
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  • Good books, dealing with the alleged "corruption of the Bible".

  • Answering the claims coming from the Jesus Seminar".

    If your questions are not answered at these above sites or books, you are welcome to let us know by sending us an email. We will make an effort to provide you with a satisfactory answer, though we can not promise that we have all the answers to every questions.

    If you have proceeded so far and are still not satisfied, but want to push the issue of Bible contradictions ... then -- even though I don't think this to be a very fruitful area of debate -- I have to ask you:

    What about the contradictions in the Qur'an?

    This page is only about the topic of errors and contradictions in the Bible. There are many more questions and issues to be discussed, about history, archeology, authenticity, textual integrity, interpretation of passages, etc. For all these issues, please follow the link to: Other Bible issues

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