222 The CORÂN

The Jewish and Christian Scriptures are styled by the same epithets, indicative of a heavenly origin, as the Corân:— "the Book of God," كتاب الله Arts. LXXIX., CVII., and CXXIV. ; "the Word of God," كلام الله Art. LXX.; — "Al Furcân" (the discerner between good and evil), الفرقان Arts. XLVIII. And LXVIII.

So also the contents of the Scriptures are cited frequently as containing a divine and decisive authority.

In fine, the testimony to their inspiration is throughout the Corân the fullest and most unequivocal that can be imagined.


The highest value is attributed by the Corân to the Jewish and Christian Scriptures. They are always spoken of with veneration. There is not a single expression regarding them throughout the Corân, but what is dictated by profound respect and reverence.

Their heavenly virtue, and the blessings to be derived from the revelation contained in them, may be gathered from the following sentences belonging to all stages of the ministry of Mahomet.

The Book of Moses is "a Guide and a Mercy," أماماً ورحمة Arts. XVI. and XXXI. The writings of the Apostles who preceded Mahomet constitute the


"perspicuous,"or "enlightening" book, كتاب المستبين Art. XII.; الكتاب المنير Arts. XVIII. and CXIX

The book inherited by the Children of Israel is "a guide and an admonition to men of understanding heart," هدى وذكرى الأولي الألباب Art. XXV.

The Revelation of Moses is "a light and a direction to mankind," نور وهدي للناس Art. XXXVII.

It is "complete as to whatever is excellent, and an explanation of every question, and a direction and a mercy, that (men) might believe in the meeting of their Lord," تماماً على الذي أحسن وتفصيلا لكل شيء وهدي ورحمة لعلهم بلقاء ربهم يؤمنون Art. XLI.; "an enlightenment unto mankind, and a direction, and a mercy, if haply they might be admonished," بصائر للناس وهدى ورحمة لعلهم يتذكرون Art. XLIII.

It is "the Furcân, (or discerner,) a light and an admonition to the pious, those who fear their Lord in secret, and who tremble at the hour of judgment," الفرقان وضياء وذكرا للمتقين الذين يخشون ربهم بالغيب وهم من الساعة مشفقون Art. XLVIII.

They who believe in the Scripture revealed aforetime,( ما أنزل من قبلك ) as well as in the Corân, " these walk according to the direction of their Lord, these are the blessed," اولائك على هدي من ربهم اولائك هم المفلحون Art. LXVI.

The Jews had "the testimony of God" with them, شهادة من الله Art. LXXXII.