224 The CORÂN

God "revealed the Tourât and the Gospel aforetime for the guidance of mankind, and He revealed the Furcân (discerner); verily they that reject the Signs (or revelations) of God, to them shall be a fearful punishment," Art. CV.

وأنزل التوراة والأنجيل من قبل هدى للناس وأنزل الفرقان ان الذين كفروا بآيات الله لهم عذاب شديد

"The Gospel, wherein is Guidance and Light, attesting the Tourât that preceded it, and a direction and an admonition to the pious," Art. CXXIV.

الإنجيل فيه هدى ونور ومصدقاً لما بين يديه من التوراة وهدى وموعظة للمتقين

Thus the Jewish and Christian Scriptures are praised as containing spiritual light and direction for mankind, admonition and exhortation for the pious;—as "a Guide and a Mercy," as an explanation of every matter,—"perfect and complete as to all that is excellent." What higher terms of commendation,—what more powerful incitement to the study and careful observance of the sacred books,—could the Moslems desire than what are thus contained in the Corân?


The Jewish and Christian Scriptures are frequently appealed to by Mahomet, and obedience to them is enjoined upon their possessors.


I.—Mahomet very often, in the Corân, refers to those who held the Scriptures in their hands as witnesses in favour of his mission. It is alleged that their Divine books contained evidence in his favour, that their contents corresponded with the Corân, that the honest and enlightened interpreters of their prophecies recognized him and his Revelation, and rejoiced in the recognition.—See Arts. VII., XIII., XV., XXXV., XXXIX., XLV., LIV., LVI., LVII., LXI., LXV., LXXV., and LXXXIV., &c.

II.—The necessity of following, with religious care, the precepts of the whole previous Scripture is solemnly inculcated upon the Jews and Christians and a belief in the whole preceding Scripture is required from all Mussulmans as an indispensable article of faith.

A reward is promised to those who "hold fast the Book";(يمسكون بالكتاب )which the context shows to be the Old Testament—Art. LXIV.

"Those who reject the book, and that which We have sent Our Messengers with, they shall know;—when the collars shall be on their necks, and the chains by which they shall be dragged into Hell ;—then they shall be burned in the Fire "; Art. XXVI.

الذين كذبوا بالكتاب وما أرسلنا به رسلنا فسوف يعلمون اذ الأغلال في أعناقهم والسلاسل يسحبون في الحميم ثم في النار يسجرون‭.
He that disbelieves in any of the Books of God "hath wandered into a wide error," قد ضل ضلالاً بعيداً Art. CI. The reward of those who "believe in part of the Book, and reject part