Qur'an Versions

I am fully aware that Muslims do not like this term, but they love to use it with a specific meaning regarding the Bible.

They point to different translations which sometimes seem to be very different and nearly contradictory to the person who does not know the original language (Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek).

The page will simply have the function to document some passages in the Qur'an which are translated very different by various (Muslim) translators, oftentimes exhibiting their own theological bias and reading their theories into the text even though the Arabic means something else.

This page is only concerned about major translation differences of the more or less identical Arabic text. Questions regarding the textual variants of the Arabic Qur'an, including the current different Arabic Versions of the Qur'an are discussed in detail in the section on The Text of the Qur'an. See particularly the introductory article on The Different Arabic Versions of the Qur'an. The issue of conflicting versions of the same story in different accounts given by the Qur'an are discussed in the section on Qur'an Contradictions.

These two newsgroup postings are an interesting introduction to the topic:
[1], and responding to it: [2] (about the translation of Hilali & Khan, regarding the issue of music and the crucifixion)

  • Quran corruption vs. Bible corruption
  • Yusuf Ali's mistranslations
  • Surah 2:2 Inserting an extra "Allah" into the Qur'an
  • The "Face" of Allah? (Surah 2:115, 28:88, 92:20)
  • Allah: "Above all schemers" or "the best of schemers"? (Surah 3:54)
  • Acting right or fearing God? (Surah 3:76)
  • Surah 3:144 ..., indeed (all) the messengers have passed away before him. ...
  • Psalms or Books of dark prophecies?
  • Should they marry the orphans, their mothers, or other women? (Surah 4:3)
  • Substituting Mankind with another race? (Surah 4:133)
  • Contradictory versions of Surah 4:159
  • Was the Torah given to Moses? (Surah 5:44)
  • Eternal Security for Wrongdoers? — How Muhammad Corrupted the Qur'an (Surah 6:82)
  • Deceiving us about Deception? (Surah 7:99)
  • Opposite sides or disobedience? (Surah 7:124)
  • Ezra, the Son of God? (Surah 9:30)
  • Save you in your body? (Surah 10:92)
  • Truly or Only? (Surah 13:7)
  • Who are those "without knowledge"? (Surah 16:25)
  • ALL, ALLer, ALLest, (Yusuf) Ali? (Surah 16:49-50)
  • How, how much, and above whom are the Children of Adam preferred? (Surah 17:70)
  • Muhammad - The Spirit of Truth? (Surah 17:81)
  • What is it that the author of the Qur'an does not want to talk about? (Surah 17:85)
  • Was Satan a jinn from the beginning, or did he only become one later? (Surah 18:50)
  • Which sects are differing about what? (Surah 19:37)
  • Should he say it, did he say it or will he say it? (Surah 21:4, 112 and 23:112)
  • Allah – the Best of the Inheritors? (Surah 21:89)
  • The best of creators? (Surah 23:14)
  • Who Wrote? (Surah 25:5)
  • “Don’t Shoot Us, We Are Just the Messenger” (Surah 26:16)
  • Books or People? (Surah 28:48)
  • What does "to all people" mean? (Surah 34:28)
  • Peace on Elias and ...? (Surah 37:130)
  • The Sins of Muhammad (Surah 47:19)
  • Gender difference or descendency from the first couple? (Surah 49:13)
  • Did Allah forget the wives? (Surah 52:21)
  • What is the Day of Congregation? (Surah 62:9)
  • Marriage to Minors (Surah 65:4)
  • Where is Allah Exactly? (Surah 67:16-17)
  • The birds in the air (Surah 67:19)
  • It's a triple-massing shadow! Wow! (Surah 77:30)
  • The miracle of the disappearing breasts (Surah 78:33)
  • YES or NO ? corrupting the Arabic text of the Qur'an (Surah 80:23)
  • [Good?!] News of Painful Torture? (Surah 84:24)
  • Sheets or Teachings? (Surah 87:18-19)
  • Hell - A nursing mother? (Surah 101:9)
  • Allah: Cherisher of Mankind? (Surah 114:1)

  • Notes on various translations by Muslims: *

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