Take the Bible Challenge

Several years ago, I passed by a stand with a sign that read "Take the Pepsi Challenge". I thought to myself, "why not, I have been drinking Coke all my life, I wonder if I still prefer it". Since the two cups lying on the table had no labels, there was no way for me to know which was which, I tasted each and made my decision. It’s a simple choice of course, and it would probably not make any difference to my life whether I chose Pepsi or Coke. On the other hand, I would have never known which I preferred if I didn’t first taste both.

I realize that this comparison is by no means the best, but there is no way to know which is better, the Bible or the Quran, unless we taste the words. We do not have to swallow them, just taste and decide whether we want to swallow or reject.

I remember one day a great desire in my heart caused me to open the Bible and compare it with the Quran, I set them side by side and started to study. The study lasted many months as God overwhelmed me with His truth, and I vowed not to stop until I found out if they really were equal when weighed side by side on the scientific scale. It was the only way... to "Take the Bible Challenge".

I have documented all that I learned from this experience, which I now forward to you. I urge you to join me and "Take the Bible Challenge".

Note: Try to respond to the questions presented here, they all end with "?" in bold. These are questions directed to you. If you are able to answer them, then indeed you have faith based on facts. Please send the answers back to me. I will be waiting patiently for your response.

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