Dear Muslim, let me tell you why I believed


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The complete book as one web page. [270K, breaking it up in chapters will take time and they will appear below as they become available.]

Table of Contents

Take the Bible Challenge
What's Faith?
The Summary on World Religions
Is Protected Transmission Sufficient Evidence?
Does Believing There Is a God Take You to Heaven?
The Quran's Challenge to Non-Muslims
Evidence from Bible Prophecy
Here's the Beef
On the Coming and Death of Christ
The Law of Probability
On the Restoration of Israel
Israel a Prophecy in the Quran
EMEU : Letís look at the Log in Our Eye
Is God Through With the Jew?
Bible Prophecy on the Defeat of the Arabic Alliances Against Israel
Gog & Magog (The Judgment of the Coming Russian Islamic Invasion on Israel)
and soon more ...

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