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Did Muhammad Contemplate Suicide?

Sam Shamoun

Bassam Zawadi has come out of hibernation once again in order to defend the indefensible. He has posted a translation by a Muslim scholar who tries to call into question the report from al-Bukhari where it is stated that Muhammad tried to kill himself on more than one occasion.

Instead of reinventing the wheel, we will simply link to the following articles which thoroughly refute the desperate and feeble attempts of these dawagandists as they turn their backs against their own sources by basically throwing them under the bus, in their attempt to explain away Muhammad’s major spiritual and psychological problems:

Reexamining Satan’s Influence and Control over Muhammad [Part 2]
Muhammad's Suicide Attempts
Comments on a response to "Muhammad's Suicide Attempts"

This next one is actually produced by Shia Muslims who comprehensively and systematically prove that the Sunni sources do confirm that Muhammad thought of killing himself:

Sunni Hadith About the Prophet Contemplating Suicide

They also do a rather thorough job of refuting the attempts made by deceptive Sunni apologists such as Zawadi to deny the veracity of these reports. They conclusively show that the story of Muhammad contemplating suicide meets the criteria of authenticity employed by Sunnis, which is one of the reasons which they use to get people to reject Sunni Islam and become Shia instead.

Zawadi needs to face the fact that not only did Muhammad try to kill himself, but that he did so because he was under heavy demonic influence. Muhammad showed every symptom of a person who was demonized, just as the following article and rebuttals prove:

Muhammad And The Demons
Examining Some More Evidence for Muhammad Being Deceived
Muhammad and the Arab Criteria for Demon Possession, Round 2

In a way we are glad that Zawadi has decided to post articles again since his materials will again provide us with ample opportunity to demonstrate why he is another deceptive Muslim apologist who has no shame in distorting sources or of even using outright lies to defend his faith, just as the following rebuttals prove:

Whistling in the Dark Exercises in “Islamic Lexicography”
Exposing Zawadi's Lies and Deceptions
Postscript to Zawadi's Lies and Deceptions
Exposing More of Zawadi’s Dishonesty and Inconsistencies
The Arrogance and Ignorance of Bassam Zawadi Concerning the Torah
The Inconsistency of Bassam Zawadi [Part 1], [Part 2]

There are a lot more examples of Zawadi’s deceptive and dishonest polemics that can be found in our rebuttal section dedicated to him.

The fact is that Zawadi is incompetent to address such issues since he has shown that truth and integrity are not top priorities for him. What matters most for him is defending Allah and his “messenger” at all costs, even if that means using lies and deceit to do so.

Yet the one good thing about Zawadi’s materials is that they do come in handy in a course on logic since his articles are filled with virtually every major logical fallacy that can be found discussed in a textbook on logic. As such, Zawadi’s “replies” will prove to be a great aid to those studying logic since they provide great illustrations of all of the common logical fallacies which people typically commit, especially those who try to defend false views like Islam.

Lord willing, we are planning to provide a thorough refutation to his recently published ”reply” to David Wood’s video titled, “Who Killed Muhammad?”, where Wood proved from the Quran and Sunni sources that Muhammad died the death of someone accursed, one totally abandoned and rejected by his own deity. We highly encourage everyone to watch that video since it is quite damaging to Islam and humiliating to Muslims, as Zawadi’s reply tacitly confirms.

So make sure to look for our reply when it comes out.