Dear Muslim, Let Me Tell You Why I Believed



Note: Considering readers with English as their second language, this book has been written using simple terms and Basic English. For Muslim readers, many names have been translated into Arabic.


Today over half of the population of the world claim to be either Muslim or Christian, each faith has its own religious book, each teach that someday everyone will stand before God and be judged, and each claim to believe that they alone have the true message from God. Muslims claim that the Bible we have today is a corrupted version of the original, while Christians maintain that God would never allow his word "the Bible" to be corrupted. It is however God's judgment which will decide our eternal destiny (heaven or hell), and that depends on whether we accept His truth. Islam claims that the way to heaven is to declare Allah as the one and only God and Muhammad as His last and final messenger for mankind, whereas Christianity claims that faith in Christ's redemption and his dying on the cross as the final act from God is the only way to heaven. The bottom line is that one of these choices is true and the other, false. The right choice leads to eternal life in heaven, and the wrong choice leads to eternal hell. Which would you choose? I will share with you why I believe that the Christian choice is the only way to heaven.

To understand the differences one must spend ample time searching through the evidence for each claim. As the Quran declares; "Produce your evidence if you are really truthful." (Al-Baqarah[2]:112). The Bible on the other hand declares; "Produce your cause saith the Lord; bring forth your strong reasons saith the King of Jacob." (Isaiah 41:21). And In respect to both requests and as commanded by both, I will ponder these issues, and weigh each claim on the scientific scale.

I dedicated several years of my life to studying this very issue, comparing both the Bible and the Quran side by side, and pondering the Bible, attempting to find the alleged corruption with which it is charged. The results of this comparison are astonishing. Readers will increase their knowledge with the evidence I have gathered in the areas of Prophecy, History, and Science.

These issues will include a comparison between the Bible and the Quran on subjects, events and persons such as: Peace and War in Islam, Science in the Bible and Quran, Israel and the Muslim Nations in Prophecy, Prophecy in the Quran, and the Historical, Manuscript, Prophetic and Archaeological evidence of the Bible.

My aim is to show the problems of how Muslims view the Christian faith, and to provide hundreds of facts, and evidences to prove to Muslims why Christianity is the only way.

With 18 years living in the Holy Land, and growing up as a Muslim, I lived, breathed, and walked the Islamic path, studying the Quran and practicing the faith.

I hope the reader keeps an open mind and heart as he searches for the true word of God. I pray that God will open our hearts and minds to better understand His truth, and may God be with you as you ponder these words. To Him we give all the glory, and to Him we submit.

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